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#Double53SimplyEasyFastNews - Lokhen
Product by Brainin


At Lokhen we are constantly committed to satisfy the needs of our customers, in order to offer the best solutions for the market in terms of quality, funcionality and design.

The old model of chock holder Host for Crowny 53 will be renewed by an important news: its closing system.
We introduce then Double 53, a chock holder patented, easy to use and equipped with a double integrated security system.

The new Double will simplify the operator's work, as it will not be necessary making pression on the handle to open or close the chock holder. It will be simply necessary to slide the handle on the back of the chock and it's done!
The plastic handle has a small pin that fits inside the hole on the chock, ensuring a perfect fit.
Double 53 is equipped with some inner clips that work as a second security system, making the use of other accessory security systems (cotter pin, springs) unnecessary.

When functionality meets design, the result is a smart, intuitive and safe solution.

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