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#LockedInOneClickNews - Lokhen
Product by Brainin


Lokhen introduces Beam, the revolutionary wheel chock holder for Origamy.

Always in search of innovative solutions, Lokhen launches a new PLASTIC WHEEL CHOCK HOLDER on the market.
The result of the meticulous research of our experienced engineers and our implementation of cutting-edge technologies, Beam is extremely durable, safe, easy to assemble, space-saving and capable of locking wheel chocks with a single "click."

Beam goes one step further than ordinary wheel chock holders. With Beam, you only need to drill 2 holes in each vehicle frame, slashing the amount of time required for this type of task by 50%.
And that's not all! BEAM comes with a double safety mechanism that prevents wheel chocks from slipping out while you are on the move. The first safety lock is positioned on the central body of the product, while the second is the snap closure at the end of each unit. Lastly, you can also choose a third optional safety mechanism: a cotter pin, which can be easily inserted into the hole at the end of the product.

Available for all Origamy FOLDABLE WHEEL CHOCKS, Beam comes in both SINGLE AND DOUBLE VERSIONS.