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#MiniSizeMaxiResistanceNews - Lokhen
Product by Brainin


There is a new entry in Lokhen's Origamy chock family: Origamy 36, the first foldable chock designed for the Light Commercial Vehicles sector.

The smallest product in its category, Origamy is durable, space-saving — compared to traditional solid chocks, it only takes up 1/3 of the space — and TÜV-certified in accordance with the DIN 76051 standard. 
The eye-catching design developed by Lokhen's research and development team gives Origamy36 great stability and solidity — our internal tests proved its resistance up to 3.200 kg with 18% slope.
We build it using only high-quality materials which give it excellent mechanical strength. The version with a metal insert achieves even greater grip on the road surface, and thanks to Beam, our plastic chock holder available in both single and double versions (for carrying 1 or 2 chocks), it is both quick and easy to install.

From now on, each stop will be safer with Origamy 36.