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#OrigamyandBeam46News - Lokhen
Product by Brainin


New size is born: Origamy and Beam 46 are the news. 
The Origamy family is the only full range of foldable wheel chocks.

At Lokhen, the range of foldable wheel chocks widens, ORIGAMY 46 WAS BORN and its support BEAM.

Origamy 46, perfect for industrial and agricultural trailers is:
- Resistant (its functional design gives it stability and solidity: our internal tests have pointed out resistance up to 10.000 kg loads with 18% slope).
- Space-saving (it occupies 1/3 of the space with respect to the traditional solid wheel chock).
- TUV-certified.
- DIN76051 compliant.
The range of Origamy foldable wheel chocks embodies Lokhen founding design values: every product is designed, tested and realized in Italy relying on competent engineers, leading technologies and certified procedures.

For every necessity choose Lokhen! The whole family of foldable wheel chocks Origamy 53, 46 and 36, certified, innovative, safe and BEAM, the plastic fixing support, available in single or double version (for the transport of 1 or 2 wheel chocks), revolutionary in shape and condition of use.

Wide range and guaranteed quality, two of Lokhen essential elements.