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#WithREELhaveaSecurityFeelNews - Lokhen
Product by Brainin


REEL the document holder with more APPEAL.

Result of careful research and development, REEL is the NEW DOCUMENT HOLDER by LOKHEN, designed to be fitted on DIFFERENT TYPES OF VEHICLES:
- agricultural machinery
- trailers and semi-trailers
- aerial platforms.

- WATERPROOF, thanks to the rubber seal it protects your documents from water, mud and dust.
- QUICK AND EASY TO CLOSE it protects your documents from the risk of loss.
- Its shape allow it to be placed everywhere on the chassis, EVEN IN THE SMALLEST SPACES.
- Thanks to SLOTTED HOLES, it can be installed on different wheelbases.
- Its FUNCTIONAL DESIGN ensure maximum customisation, offering the possibility of placing the customer’s logo on the cap, on the 3 lateral sections or on the entire face of the product.

The Lokhen ♡ heart is a genuine source of innovation, always looking for new ideas and solutions.